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Goal Post! ROW80 Round 4!

Goal Post! ROW80 Round 4!
Okay! So my goal post is being set up now because if I don’t, I’ll never remember to do it. I think my goals are pretty doable since I cut back a lot on what my original plan was. I made an intentions post already, but that’s okay, because it has my idea for HOW to write this novel. I’m pretty sure it will work. At least, I hope it will work! As it is, I have things that I’m doing with my life other than doing ROW80, so I have to make sure I include them in my plan for doing this. If I don’t, I know that I won’t accomplish anything that I’m trying to get done. It’s times like this that I wish I was a freshman in college again because then I could focus on this pretty much entirely. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, so I have to work around my life. It’s hectic, but I think I can do it without dying! I’m going to start off with my goals for things that are not related to ROW80, so if you want to, feel free to just skip down to those if you aren’t here for the other stuff in my life. Now, some of the people who MIGHT visit are not going to know who I am, which is okay, because I expect that. This is my first time doing A Round of Words in 80 Days. Like others, I’ve thought about doing this many, many times, but it always seemed like I remembered halfway through, and by that point I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get much done, not to mention I was in school for much of the first two rounds. I was going to do the third round, but I kind of forgot about it. So here I am, starting this on round four. Hello to everyone who might drop by! I’m Jon! Now, it’s time for my goals! (Yes, I ramble and my blog posts will be train of thought, but hopefully it’s not of bad!)
Ready? Go!
Not many people I know in person RP like I do, so if you need an explanation, let me know and I’ll delve into my main writing source to explain it. My goals for this one are simple, short, and to the point.
  • -1. Tag as many threads as possible at least once a day. If all threads are short responses, try for two responses.
  • -2. Make sure to do at least one long tag response a day. These threads are the ones most important to my characters and I know that. Granted, being on the iPad makes that difficult, I know it can be done. The responses don’t have to be as long, but make sure to keep the threads going.
  • -3. Make sure to write at least two character journals a week. Don’t repeat if possible.
  • —-A. Keep an excel spreadsheet of this if necessary.
  • -4. Try to write with more of the players!
  • -5. Most important rule of them all: have fun! Take a break if necessary to replenish the fun factor.

At 23, I need to get my license. I have a learners permit, but that isn’t good enough, as I need a license to get a job. The goal for this one is even easier than the one for RP.
  • -1. Set up lessons. Discuss what needs to be done and what can be done to expedite this process.
  • -2. Take lessons and make the most of them.
  • -3. Take the road test and get license!!!

The goals under this task are going to be difficult to pull off, as my days are so filled anyways. However, I’m going to try to succeed. If I don’t, then I know I at least tried and it made me a better person for that.
  • -1. Lose another 15 lbs before my cousin’s wedding. That’s at the end of October sometime. If I lose 5 lbs a week, something I’ve done before with diet and exercise, then I’ll hit my goal before the wedding. This is an easy goal because I’ve been steadily losing weight since I graduated college. This was without exercising much as well, so when I add that in, the weight should melt off!
  • -2. Meditate daily. I’ve been stressed because of graduating and being in the real world for the first time in my life, so I just need some down time when I’m doing absolutely nothing. I would say a minimum of 30 minutes of meditation a day should be good. I’ll have to spread those out, though, as I’ll lose interest in doing the meditation. Ten minutes here, five there, and I should be fine 
  • -3. Free write a little at least twice a week. It doesn’t have to be much, but it should help the juices flow.
  • -4. Read goddammit! I’ve got a bookcase and two boxes of books to read, as well as the numerous books on my Nook. Again, this doesn’t have to be much, but I want to finish at least a book, if not two, before ROW80 is over.
  • -5. Get a job!
Finally, I’m at my writing goals. Each week, I’m going to post a new schedule for the week. I believe that having these short term plans will make it much easier to keep on schedule, plus I don’t have to adjust one massive schedule it I fall behind. Thus, that is why I’m only posting the first week’s worth of stuff, which, tbh, is not as interesting as it sounds. Ready? Cool!
Week 1:
  • 1. Write down possible ideas for the novel.
  • 2. Decide which idea is the final idea by fleshing out ideas a little bit then deciding which one is the most interesting and seems to be the one that will keep my attention.
    • A. If more ideas than just one seem to be interesting enough and seem plausible enough, try seeing if they can be combined and if they can, make that the main plot.
  • -3. Make a very, VERY basic outline of the plot and story.
  • -4. Develop characters in mind well enough to have a strong main cast as well as a few important minor characters.
    • A. Don’t spend too much time on this. If not doable, focus on the main character and develop others through there and through interaction between other characters while writing.
  • -5. Decide on setting (time, place, etc).
    • A. Again, don’t spend too much time here. Places will develop as needed outside of the main setting while writing.
  • -6. Once done with these steps, make a schedule for writing.
    • A. Keep it flexible. Hiccups will happen.
    • B. Keep it reasonable. Don’t set goals like writing an entire chapbook every two days. Work with chapters within the chapbook.
    • C. Don’t fret if the schedule is broken. Set up caveats in case a goal isn’t reached.
    • D. Remember that not all chapters will be the same length and keep an eye out for points that seem to be good ending points for each chapbook.
  • -7. Decide how many chapters in a chapbook and plan accordingly!

And that, ladies and gents, is my ridiculously long goal post! I’m sure ill be able to keep up with it, though! Jon out!

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